Featuring representation from 38 districts of Tamil Nadu with traditional musical performance. 

Join us in a vibrant parade showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of Tamil Nadu, featuring representations from all 38 districts. Immerse yourself in the traditional musical performances that bring our heritage to life.

Experience the joy of connecting with people who share not just your roots, but also your mindset and passion for philanthropy. It’s a rare and delightful opportunity to meet fellow Tamilians from our native places, united in the spirit of giving.

Each of the 38 unique groups will proudly carry banners representing their respective districts from Tamil Nadu. This colorful procession will be a visual spectacle, celebrating our diverse heritage.

Bring along your traditional instruments, such as Parai, and revel in the fun-filled atmosphere. The parade will resonate with the sounds and rhythms of Parai, Silambam, Oyilattam, Kummi, Kumbam, and more, presented by various talents from across the United States.

Don’t miss out on being a part of this unforgettable experience! 

To participate, please contact Subhashini at (847) 345-4196 or email support@tnfusa.org.

TNF Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2024