Village Cooking


Dive into the culinary world with the Village Cooking Channel (VCC), a gem in the treasure trove of YouTube. Renowned for bringing the flavors of traditional village cuisine to the global stage, VCC invites you to experience the authentic taste of their culinary masterpieces.

A Culinary Journey with VCC: Village Cooking Channel, or VCC, stands as a titan in the realm of food content on YouTube, boasting over 23 million subscribers. This channel has the distinguished honor of being the first Tamil YouTube channel to clinch the coveted Diamond Creator Award. Their visual feasts, capturing the essence of traditional cooking in the serenity of open fields, have captivated millions worldwide. The ‘Watermelon Juice’ video, with a staggering 225 million views leads their impressive portfolio of viral content.

The Heart and Soul of VCC: At the core of VCC is a close-knit family from Chinna Veeramangalam, Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu: brothers V. Subramanian, V. Ayyanar, V. Murugesan, cousin T. Muthumanickam, brother-in-law G. Tamilselvan, all guided by their grandfather, the esteemed chef M. Periyathambi. Their culinary ventures are a tribute to traditional practices, employing age-old vessels and techniques devoid of modern machinery, thus preserving the essence of authentic Tamil cuisine.

A Dream to Dine Under the American Sky: The Village Cooking team has long harbored the dream of bringing their culinary expertise to the United States, a wish shared with Rahul Gandhi at a notable event. TNF, in its mission to celebrate and elevate such extraordinary talents is thrilled to introduce them for the very first time to the USA. Prepare to be mesmerized as they collaborate with local food vendors, culminating in a live cooking demonstration on the main stage.

Join us in this unique culinary adventure and extend your support to TNF and the Village Cooking Team. Your presence will not only celebrate the rich tapestry of Tamil cuisine but also the spirit of traditional cooking that VCC so passionately embodies.

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