Youth and Children Convention and Expo

An entertaining and purpose-oriented youth and children convention and expo are being planned so that the next generation can link with their heritage through compassion and service and the parents can enjoy the main programs in the auditorium. Highlights of some of the activities are listed below.

1. Expo for Children and Youth

Expo Theme: ஊரு நம்ம ஊரு – Our native place
• Children and youth (ages 5 to 18) are invited to participate. Can be individual or group (maximum 4 per team) participation
• Focus on your parents’ native village or district or your favorite place/scene/concept in TAMIL NADU
• Use any resources you like (posters, charts, art, self-made books, robots, models, 3D simulation, powerpoint etc.). Can be in English or Tami or both.
• To promote audience interaction, participant should prepare a set 4 quiz questions on their presentation for the audience to answer as they visit the expo. If they answer all questions correctly they will get a sticker and those with maximum stickers will get prizes!
• Prizes will be given participants in different age categories, based on the following criteria:
o Creativity on the topic and presentation
o Incorporating personal connection, historical, social, cultural, economic aspects of Tamil Nadu
(Just a few examples to kindle your creativity: Shopping in T-Nagar, Kanchipuram pattu sarees, Tanjore temple architecture, Valluvar kootam in Chennai, my native village, animals of Tamil Nadu, volunteering in Tamil Nadu)

Expo is free to all children and youth registering for the convention. To participate ONLY in the Expo, at least one parent must register for the convention and the child/youth can participate by completing the registration form and donating $40 to TNF.

Registration form for children and youth participants coming only for the Expo and not registering for the convention:

For more details: or ‭1 (609) 858-3490‬‬

2. Vivadaha Medai – Tamil Debate on stage for the youth

Excellent opportunity to speak in the main auditorium along with your peers to the general audience in Tamil in a debate format moderated by eminent speakers Mrs. Bharathi Bhaskar and Mr. Raja. Topic will be given on the day of the event.

All participants for this event must register for the convention at

To participate and for more details: or ‭1 (609) 858-3490‬‬

3. Youth Convention – Current 5th graders and above

10 am to 5 pm on May 26th and 27th

All participants must register for the convention.

Examples of topics that will be in the agenda:

  • Volunteering in India – Panel discussion by youth who have volunteered in Tamil Nadu
  • Public service in the U.S – Interact with role model second generation Tamils:Ms.Krish Vignaraja – Policy Director to former First Lady Michelle Obama and Candidate for Maryland’s Governor race
    Mr. Thiru Vignarajah – Former Deputy Attorney General of Maryland and Candidate for Baltimore City State’s Attorney
  • Dancing for a cause – why I dedicated my Arangetram to a charitable cause?
  • Pursuing medicine as a career – interactions with American Tamil Medical Association physicians
  • What do colleges look for on extracurricular activities as part of the admissions package?
  • Birthday gift registry – an initiative by TNF Central Ohio Chapter
  • TNF summer internship – did give more or gain more? – Ananya Ram, 11th grader from Philadelphia
  • A summer with hundreds of underprivileged girls in Tamil Nadu – Keerthana and Sahana Rao, New Jersey
  • Why I want to help build a library in a village school in Tamil Nadu? – Umayal Natesan, Pittsburgh


To present and/or participate in the Youth Convention please contact Uma Sundar at or (610) 322-4415

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