When the TNF convention team reached out to Isai Gnani’s manager, he promptly arranged an in-person meeting within a day. During this brief meeting, Maestro and his manager attentively listened as we shared the Tamil Nadu Foundation’s goals, achievements, and contributions to Tamil Nadu over the past 49 years. The Maestro, in a gesture of immense grace and enthusiasm, agreed on the spot to participate in our historic Golden Jubilee celebration. Moreover, he expressed a keen desire to hold a private session for the younger generation, who are poised to lead our organization in the next 50 years.

As is widely known, the Maestro consistently delivers performances accompanied by a live orchestra, featuring some of the most renowned singers and musicians in the industry. North American audiences are eagerly anticipating this event, especially the chance to experience Maestro’s grand light music concert at the Rosemont Theatre in Illinois, recognized as one of the premier venues in the USA.

TNF Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2024