Youth Dance Competition

TNF Thilana Thilana - Youth Dance Competition 2024

Calling all dance enthusiasts! We welcome dance groups to join us for an electrifying event filled with passion, energy, and friendly competition. Whether it’s exploring cultural heritage, addressing social issues, portraying fictional narratives or narrating a fun story, we encourage you to unleash your creativity and bring your “THEMATIC DANCE PERFORMANCE” to life.

Age group categories

To recognize your category for the group, they will be placed in the age category of the oldest participant.

*The TNF youth dance competition organizers reserve the right to request a proof of age in case of any disputes. 2-3 Participants in a group if below the age limit, it is acceptable.


Time limit

5 minutes Maximum per group

Required language - TAMIL

(Kindly remember that this is a family audience, so please keep it family friendly for a global audience with no offensive or vulgarity In words or forms.)

Required dance styles

We encourage you to incorporate 2 or more dance styles(like semi-classical, folk, kuthu, hip hop, bhangra) to your dance piece.

Judge panel preferences

Performances will be judged based on their theme, execution, costumes, choreography, style, quality of audio sound, song selection, entertainment value etc. as may be applicable.

Audition video rule


1st place winners, runner up and third place will be recognized on the main stage and awarded! 

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