Youth LOVES Conference

TNF50 is an occasion to celebrate the past 50 years and pave the path for next 50 years. While TNF50 itself has many memorable experiences to offer, Youth LOVES, a conference orchestrated by our young adults will add a different dimension to the celebration. In the true spirit of LOVES, our young adults are geared up to take the Lead, Own the celebration, Volunteer, Empower and Serve the youth TNF community

Youth LOVES Highlights:

My TNF Journey: A panel discussion with four vibrant young TNF volunteers where they will share their  unique experiences getting involved with TNF, how their involvement helped them personally &  professionally and how it enabled them to give back to the community. 

Kahoot with the crowd: Imagine playing Kahoot Trivia with 2000+ other members in the audience!  Sounds exciting? Our youngsters promise to keep it simple that even Google would know the answer – but the challenge is How fast could you Google? 

Today Meets Tomorrow: A town hall interaction amongst the leaders of today & tomorrow. The event  aims to bring the experience of today’s leaders and the energy of tomorrow’s leaders together to pave a  path for a great future. 

How to get involved in TNF: A question that we get asked often. Hear from our youth who have been  part of TNF on how You can get involved in TNF. 

Tamil Culture: An interactive session that will give you a taste of your ancestral land, in a fun way. 

Happy Hour with Board Games: Convention days will keep us all busy and occupied. How about you  relax for a bit, network with your peers with board games and non-alcoholic beverages? 

Trivia Night: Bored of having too much fun? May be, feed your brain with some trivia! 

Let’s go Bowling: We understand! You might want to get out and have some fun! How about bowling or  an arcade visit with all the new friends you will meet at Youth LOVES?

TNF Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2024